Rustic Bread

A crust with lots of crunch. This country-style loaf is prepared the night before baking, to develop a buttery and tender texture. Best enjoyed within the two days following its purchase.

Sourdough Bread

Baked on Earthstone, the light crust bread allows natural yeast form in quality flour.

Oatmeal Bread

This bread is made with the goodness of warm breakfast oatmeal to make a unique and exceptional loaf.

Cranberries Bread

This light bread combines the crunchiness of the pumpkin and flax seeds, with cranberries sweetness.

Our bread is also available sliced



Experience the authenticity of our croissants. The best west of Paris.


Our homemade croissant with 58 % bittersweet belgium chocolate inside.


Our croissant contains our secret almond paste recipe.

Raisin Roll

Our croissant lightly garnished with pastry cream and raisins plummed into rhum.


Let us inspire your next travel destination with our regional selection.

Visit our bakery or call 506 830-7246 for daily selection.

Our bread ingredients

High quality non-bleached flour, water, coarse salt and yeast. Less than 2% salt per loaf.

Preservation method

Upon purchase, slice a portion of your bread and freeze it in a poly bag to enjoy as fresh as it was when purchased.

About us

Co_Pain was born in the heart of a daycare. Their Chef, being passionate about the traditional taste of bread, started creating delicious breads to please children and adults of all ages. A young baker from Lyon then arrived and imparted his knowledge, techniques and virtues. Co_Pain arose.

Co_Pain offers authentic products traditionally made at a great value. Co_Pain is a proof of quality where passion is queen and customer is king.